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Grade 7

Objectives and Goals

The course of study is designed to help students relate to the person of Jesus, so that they can more effectively contemplate His divinity and role in the Salvation of humanity. The primary objective of this course is for each student to come to a better understanding of what the “Good News” really is: that God Loves each of His children unconditionally and that our response to that Love should be in line with the great Commandment: to love God with our whole being, and to love our neighbor as ourselves [Mark 12:30-31].


  • Blest Are We published by RCL Benziger
  • The Gospel of Matthew dramatization video
  • The Holy Bible (RSV by Ignatius Press)


The course is taught in a seminar style, with open dialogue about religion, faith and morality encouraged.   A variety of strategies are implemented including Discovery Education, the Gospel of Matthew video and a Religion Fair held in the spring where students present a topic related to their faith.


Students are assessed in a variety of ways including projects, reading and writing assignments, written tests and class participation.