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Grade 6

Objectives and Goals

The primary objective of the course is for students to understand the truth of God’s unconditional Love for them, and their importance in the course of Salvation history. Old Testament stories are juxtaposed against excerpts from the Gospels and the lives of the saints to illustrate God’s active role throughout human history, especially in the life of Jesus.  Students are presented a personal Bible in a September ceremony.  The Bible will serve as a reference and resource for students throughout the middle school years from sixth to eighth grade.


  • Blest Are We published by RCL Benziger
  • Walking the Bible by Bruce Feiler
  • The Holy Bible (RSV by Ignatius Press)


The course is taught in a seminar style, with open dialogue about religion, faith and morality encouraged.  A variety of strategies are used including Discovery Education, the Walking the Bible video series and a program designed to connect students with the senior living community called Bridges Together.


Students are assessed in a variety of ways including projects, reading and writing assignments, written tests and class participation.