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Language Arts

Objectives and Goals

Each unit specifically and explicitly directs children’s attention to the English speech sound and it’s manner and place of articulation. As the children meet each Letter Person, we talk about the letter and sound:

  • The shape and formation of the capital letter
  • The shape and formation of the lowercase letter
  • Hearing and discriminating the sound
  • Understanding and following oral directions
  • Answering and asking good questions
  • Listening and reading comprehension
  • Responds correctly to phonological/phonemic activities in the unit
  • Demonstration of understanding main thematic concept in unit


Both curricula use a multisensory approach to learning language arts.  The Land of the Letter People introduces a new letter person each week, identifies their sound, develops oral language and vocabulary, shares stories, develops reading comprehension, develops print awareness, and participates in group, shared and individual writing and art experiences.


Land of The Letter People provides several important tools to help determine student skill levels and progress throughout the year: Observational Placement  which assesses