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Objectives and Goals

To inspire and enhance a child’s natural curiosity about themselves and the world they live in.To introduce scientific observations including recording, classification, the concept of compare and contrast, living and non-living and seasonal observation.


Students observe the weather each day during circle time. They discuss the changes in weather, learn why leaves change color and record the changes.  They learn about life cycles through planting and butterflies.  Students perform experiments with magnets, water, sink/float, color mixing.  They learn about the five senses and the world around us through hands on activities.


Assessments for this age are made through daily discussion and activities. Hands on activities include planting flowers, measuring ingredients and mixing colors which excite the children and allow teachers and parents to see what information they are retaining. Students enjoy observing the life cycle of a butterfly and gain confidence when reciting the stages of metamorphosis. The children will learn about their five senses through popping hot air popcorn – see it, hear it, smell it, touch it, taste it.