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Students become witness to the teachings of the Catholic Church, as they participate in class and school wide activities that foster compassion, and works of charity. Some outreach programs in which the Kindergarten students participate include donating supplies to the Worcester Animal Rescue League, making cards for Veterans, sending Valentines to the children staying with Families in Transition, raising funds for Be Like Brit, and food pantry donations throughout the year.

Students participate in and celebrate the many Catholic Holidays, Saints, and Holy Days of Obligation throughout the year. The Kindergarten All Saints Day parade is highly anticipated and a well- attended event every year!


 The Jesus Story

The Jesus Story is a handout containing 30 units. Students follow Jesus’s journey from before He was born to after He rises from the dead. The Jesus Story introduces a variety of New Testament bible stories, relating religious themes to real life experiences. Through these stories, students understand that Jesus was a loving and caring person who lived his life making friends and helping people.

Catholic Reflections

Catholic Reflections is a workbook with drawing and writing prompts that focus on and reinforce a variety of Catholic curriculum topics, including Creation, The Holy Family, Prayers, Sacraments, Christmas, and Easter. Students are encouraged to draw and write about a topic and how it relates to their life. For example, students learn that Jesus is part of the Holy Family. Students are asked to draw a picture of their family and write about the people in their family.

Family Life

Family Life is a two-week, school wide program, completed in March. “Family Life is designed to prepare young people to live safe and healthy, moral and loving lives as members of the Christian family” (Benziger 2010). The Benziger program presents five themes at each grade level, including God’s Gift of Family, God’s Gift of Self, God’s Gift of Life, God’s Gift of Love, and God’s Gift of Community. Students discuss each topic and complete an activity page.


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