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Objectives and Goals

 Our science program places strong emphasis on topics that pertain to the early learner and what is important to them: the parts of the body, five senses, healthy habits, pets, characteristics of objects,  how objects move, plants, living objects and non-living things, weather and seasons.


 In Kindergarten, students begin using some of the basic techniques of scientists. They actively collect samples of the environment surrounding them and classify these and other samples by noting different characteristics and using all their senses. Students study the difference between living and non-living things and learn about buoyancy from objects that float and sink. Students observe changes around them by looking at seasons and weather, and patterns in nature are introduced. They are introduced to the life cycle of plants and learn about seed identification. They plant marigold seeds and sunflowers seed and grow them in the classroom. They culminate this study with a trip to the Botanical Gardens. In physical science, the three states of matter are introduced.


 Students are assessed through practice and reinforcement. We ask questions, hypothesize, and test experiments for each lesson.


Nancy Larson Science Kindergarten Program