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Physical Education

A second objective is to instill in the children the need to strive for a life of good physical health, which comes from a knowledge of proper nutrition, a knowledge of health issues and a knowledge of physical skills and incorporating this knowledge into their lifestyle. A third objective is for the children to have fun playing age-appropriate games and activities.

Physical Education for pre-school through third grade consists of movement exploration skills, motor, balance and manipulative skills, music and age appropriate games and activities. Physical Education for grades four through eight consists of basic sports’ skills and lead up games, physical fitness skills, games and activities, age-appropriate challenges and group problem solving and concepts such as offense, defense, teamwork and sportsmanship.

"Here at St. Bernadette’s my goal is to provide the children with the tools that will help them live a happy, healthy and active life.  While teaching them about various sports and athletic activities such as football, soccer, basketball, baseball and many others, I will also help them to become more flexible, balanced and less injury prone.  My goal is for the children to have fun, but also to truly be educated as to how to be healthy in mind and body.  A balanced, flexible, strong body is a vital part of a positive, productive and satisfying life, no matter what else they are doing.  My hope is to start lifelong healthy habits with the children, habits that will help them to be happy and active, not just in my class, but going forward in their lives! "

 Coach Russ Harris
Physical Education Teacher, Grades PK3 - 8