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Students in grades K-8 are instructed in these areas through a spirally developed sequence utilizing the inquiry method with a hands-on approach to learning. At the earliest levels, topics are introduced while at other levels these same topics are reviewed and/or explored in more depth. Emphasis is placed on scientific investigation based on student questions, data gathering, research, observation and experimentation.

Science instruction is further enhanced using videos, computer software, textbook articles, outreach programs, and field trips to achieve an in-depth understanding of the subject matter and its relationship to the natural processes in our environment.

The program is taught in the primary grades by classroom teachers and in grades 4-8 by science specialists. Grades 4 and 5 are currently participating in a dynamic hands-on program entitled the “STEP” Program, an acronym for “Science Through Experiments Program.” Grade 6-8 classes are conducted in the school’s lab, which is equipped with a variety of materials designed to extend students’ active learning.