Grade 1


  • Our Progress in Mathematics program builds upon key math content taught in the early elementary years. Critical areas for grade one include Number Sense, Addition and Subtraction Strategies, Measurement, Geometry, and introducing Critical Thinking Skills. Through various methods of learning we build a strong math foundation.


  • In science we become Entomologist, Physiologists, and Developmental Scientists  and more through the exciting Nancy Larson Science Program. We discover, read, and reflect on hands on learning. We also begin to learn about taking notes using in our very own science journals

Language Arts & Literature

  • The first grade curriculum is supported by The SUPERKIDS phonics based program. This systematic program provides children with a strong foundation in spelling, reading, and writing skills. We strive to both challenge and support our students with literature and creative writing activities to foster a love of reading and writing.

Social Studies

  • The first graders learn about our world and nation through our Nystrom Hands on geography program. Through the use of maps, atlases, and globes the children are engaged in hands-on learning. We enjoy sharing Scholastic News which is an excellent introduction to content area learning, using  age appropriate nonfiction material.


  • The first grade curriculum is built upon the four “pillars” of Catholic faith: Believe, Worship, Live, and Pray. We work together to  strengthen our faith and love for Jesus. Themes for our curriculum include Our Church Community, Our Loving God, God’s Son Jesus, The Holy Spirit, and Jesus’ Church of Followers.