Employment Opportunities

  • Substitute Teachers

    Substitute teachers instruct students in the absence of their regularly appointed teachers. They typically follow the lesson plans of the regular teachers and strive to maintain normal classroom procedures and discipline procedures. 

     Substitute teachers must be able to easily adopt the instructional strategies of the regular teachers and follow their lesson plans accurately. They also need strong communication skills to instruct students in a clear and understandable manner   

    A Bachelor’s degree is the minimum education requirement for a substitute teacher at St. Bernadette School.  Candidates must also undergo a CORI check and sign an agreement to follow the Diocese of Worcester Code of Ministerial Conduct. In addition, the candidate must participate in Mandated Reporter training which is available on-line through the Diocese of Worcester and provide proof of having been fingerprinted.

    Please submit a resume with a cover letter to;

    Mary Anne Jezierski
    Assistant Principal