Parent/Student PlusPortal

  • The St. Bernadette School Office has issued login credentials to all parents and students of the school in September 2015.  Both students and their parents should activate their account as soon as possible.  The portal will be used by teachers to post homework (due and missing), classroom announcements and other important information pertinent to you.  The portal will also provide a means for parents and student to communicate directly with the teacher.  You will also have access to your (or your student's) schedule.  The school office will post school wide information that will be viewed only by school members.  

    The Parent/Student Portal will prove to be a valuable tool for both parent and student!  LOGIN NOW

    PlusPortal Tips                              

        1.  Don’t forget to opt in or out of the school directory via your parent portal (you cannot opt into the directory from the student portal)

                             a.     Log into the portal
                             b.     Click on the drop down arrow next to your name (upper right side of the screen)
                             c.      Click “Directory Listing”
                             d.     Select “List my information in the school directory”
                             e.     Select what demographics you want listed

        2.   When using the directory you can search on parent’s name, class or grade.  Your currently cannot search on student names because the student information is not visible in the directory.  In order to search on homerooms please do the following;                                            

                            a.     Select “Parent Directory”
                            b.     Select “Search by Student’s Class”
                            c.      In the search field type Home/”homeroom number” 


         An example would be if you wanted to list homeroom 5B you would type <Home/5B>    This will produce a list of parents with students in 5B.  Only families who have “opted into the directory” are listed.  The only exception is PK4.  In this case type <Home/P4(space).  Since the search engine is searching for text strings P4 will bring up both P4 and P4-5.  By adding a space after P4 you eliminate the problem.  The preschool and kindergarten searches are Home/P3, Home/KNA and Home/KNB