Summer Enrichment Program

  •  Watch for the Summer 2018 Program Details which will be available in April 2018


    During the month of July, the Academic Enrichment Program has morning offerings for those entering grades PK-8 in the Fall. These courses include Sports Camp, Forensic Stem, Archery, Chess, Math, Fairy Tale Camp and Community Awareness with Heiffer Project.  Each class offiers creative and fun ways to add enrichment to math, science, art, language arts, and even organizational skills.  Combat summer learning loss with exciting hands-on labs and studio courses!


    Week 1 July 10-14

    Forensic Stem (Stem Beginnings-Barbara Jordan) (students entering K-2) July 10-14.

    Who committed the crime? Bring your detective gear to solve the mysteries of STEM! There will be a STEM case to solve everyday.  From fingerprinting and blood typing to DNA exploration and gathering evidence, this camp has it all for future forensic investigators. ($225 Payable to STEM Beginnings)


    Archery (by On the Mark Archery) (students entering grades 5-8) July 10-14   

    This exciting five-day opportunity will allow students to practice the fundamentals of shooting with more consistency and individualized attention. Students will be customizing their own set of arrows, competing in tournaments and learning about the history of archery. ($315 Payable to On the Mark Archery)  See Quick Links on the side of this webpage for more information as well as an emergency form and waiver.


    Math by the Numbers (Mrs. Enos) (students entering grades 4-5) July 10-14   

    Get a good start on next year’s math curriculum! This program will help with that Summer Solution Math package and prepare students for the coming year.  Students will review subtraction across zeros and practice their multiplication skills (single digit facts as well as multi-digit multiplication). Students will also practice their division skills. Time will be spent on fractions and understanding equivalent fractions. An additional practice packet for the remaining part of the summer will also be provided.

    $225 Payable to St. Bernadette School  


    Week 2 July 17-21

    Advanced Math (Mrs. Kapoor) (students entering grades 6-8) July 17-21

    This summer program aims to support and enhance the mastery levels and skills in math. This program is for the gifted and outstanding students who enjoy working on challenge math problems and want to stay ahead in their math class. Our unique program will challenge students beyond their regular school curriculum and further strengthen their problem solving and logical reasoning skills. It will also help them excel in national math competitions. 

    $200 Payable to St. Bernadette School


    Fairytale Camp (Mrs. Jordan) (students entering grades PK4/5,K,1) Week of July 17-21   

    Fairytale camp will be wonderful for our younger students! They will read fairytales, dress up as fairytale characters like princesses and pirates, make jeweled mirrors, fairytale houses, mermaids in a jar and many other craft activities. They will study Peter Pan, Alice in Wonderland, The Little Mermaid, Snow White and Cinderella. They will also enjoy many outdoor activities such as a treasure hunt and a tea party with a character guest.

    $225 Payable to St. Bernadette School


    Sports Camp with Coach (Coach Harris) (For coeds going into grades 1-3) Week of July 17-21 (Minimum 10/Maximum 20)

    Get your kids up and out of bed!! This class is designed for those boys and girls who can't get enough sports!! We will spend all morning playing popular sports, and also learning a few new ones! 

    $225 Payable to St. Bernadette School


    Week 3 July 24-28

    Sports Camp with Coach (Coach Harris) (For coeds going into grades 4-6) Week of July 24-28 (Minimum 10/Maximum 20)

    Get those kids up out of bed and moving!! This class is designed for those who can't get enough sports and don't want to sit around all summer!! We will spend all morning playing popular sports and also learning a few new ones!

    $225 Payable to St. Bernadette School


    The Heiffer Project “Read to Feed”  - A Heifer International Reading Incentive Program (Mrs. Dalbec) (For students entering grades 1-3) July 24-28

     Children will learn important lessons about different cultures around the world and the importance of using the Earth’s resources wisely through Reading, Arts, Science and Social Studies activities. Most importantly, they learn that they can make a difference in the world. The program will foster in your child a love of reading, a passion to help others, and a desire to create a better world. We are also very excited to bring this unit to life for the children with an in-school visit from Heifer Farm, located in Rutland, Massachusetts.  ($225 Payable to St. Bernadette School)

    Chess Camp (by Chess Wizards) (For students entering Grades K-5) July 24-28

    Join us this summer for tons of challenging chess lessons, exciting games, and cool prizes. You'll improve your chess skills, meet new friends, and work out your most powerful muscle - your brain! Our camps include fun team chess games (like bughouse), recess time (of course), snacks, tournaments, and puzzles. Each camper receives a T-shirt, trophy, and puzzle folder. Unleash your brain power and spend part of your vacation with Chess Wizards! ($150 payable to Chess Wizards). See quick links on the side of this webpage for more information!


    Math by the Numbers (Mrs. Enos) (For students entering grades 6-8) July 24-28

    Prepare for next year!  Students will work on mental computation of positive and negative numbers. Operations with fractions will be covered and we will then progress to solving equations. Students will have the opportunity to ask questions on their Summer Solutions Book and additional practice for the remainder of the summer will also be provided.

    ($225 Payable to St. Bernadette School)