• Bible Blessing

    Every year 6th graders and 7th and 8th graders new to St. Bernadette School, receive a bible blessed by Fr. Falco.  Students and family members who wish to attend are invited to morning mass at St. Bernadette Church.  After mass the bibles are blessed by Father Falco and given to the students for school and personal use.


    Rosary Walk

    During October (Respect Life Month) we hear a lot about being pro-life. Being pro-life is simply believing that God creates all life and gives it dignity. It is knowing that Jesus called us to love our neighbor – the young and the unborn; the old and those near death; the poor; the disabled.  Every year our grade 5-8 students participate in our Annual Rosary Walk.  Students can be sponsored and any money raised is given to The Visitation House in Worcester.  The Visitation House is a home that helps women choose life for their unborn babies.  Donations are gratefully accepted as well.


    Middle School Curriculum Night

    “Back to School Night,” is an opportunity, traditionally, for parents to meet their child’s teachers and learn more about the plans and goals for the new grade level.   We will host a Middle School Curriculum Night to provide a greater opportunity to learn more about the Middle School program at St. Bernadette School. Fifth grade parents are invited to attend for a preview of the opportunities available to their child if they continue at St. Bernadette School.  

                During Back to School Night all Middle School teachers remained in the Charbonneau Center after the general meeting where the faculty provided a brief description of the Middle School program.  The Middle School Curriculum Night will focus more specifically on the unique aspects of the program and opportunities available to students academically and socially.   The sixth graders have access to iPads during the school day while seventh and eighth graders are issued iPads to use throughout the school year.  Seventh and Eighth graders are able to take the iPads home at night, as well.  The iPads are loaded with several content area techbooks and the teachers use a variety of tech-related instructional strategies.  Content area teachers will provide further explanations of the impact of these tools on their teaching and student learning.  

              During Middle School Curriculum Night parents will have an opportunity to follow their child’s schedule, visiting each classroom and hearing about program plans and goals for the coming school year.  Each teacher will have approximately ten minutes to present to each group.  Parents of students in fifth grade will follow the sixth grade student schedule.   As the school year progresses and fifth grade parents determine the options for grades 6-8, the Middle School Curriculum Night is an opportunity to learn more about their child’s current school programs and possibilities.