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    Over the last several years St. Bernadette School has welcomed students from Spain, South Korea and China.  Diversity is an integral part of our community.  Every student learns about world cultures through interaction with each other making the world seem a little smaller. Some students remain for the entire school year while others attend school for 1 - 3 months.

     St. Bernadette School has been certified by the Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP) and Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS) to accept nonimmigrant students for admission by issuing I-20 Forms.  The I-20 enables students to obtain an F-1 Visa for the duration of the program they enroll in.

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     English Proficiency/Goals

    The philosophy of St. Bernadette School is based upon the values inherent in the Catholic Faith.  The school stresses the importance of community in coping with the complexities of moral decision-making in an ever-changing world.  It is within the context of this philosophy that we welcome students from richly diverse backgrounds.  It is important, however, to offer guidelines to determine and define the goals we will strive to achieve for children whose primary language is not English.

    The following guidelines are to assist parents and teachers in establishing goals for both ESL, English as a Second Language, and LEP, Limited English Proficiency, students.  The goals will be reviewed and adjusted as circumstances warrant.


    1. Math instruction will be on grade-level.  As a "universal language", it is expected that students will be placed at a grade-level commensurate with their math skills.  A screening evaluation will be used to determine their skills upon entry to St. Bernadette School.
    2. Development of English conversational skills will be a primary goal for all ESL and LEP students.  The procedures and methodology of attaining that goal will be determined in consultation with the classroom teacher(s), principal and parents.
    3. A secondary goal will be to develop English proficiency in Reading and Composition.
    4. Responsibility for studies in the content areas of Social Studies, Science and Religion will be determined as a student achieves goals 2 and 3.
    5. Assessment of a student's progress, whether formal as in Progress Reports and Report Cards, or informal, such as projects or homework assignments, will be developed to reflect an individual student's progress.  For example:


    • A student may receive a modified numerical grade (Grades 4-8) or letter grade (Grades 1-3) or
    • A student may receive grades of Outstanding, Satisfactory or Unsatisfactory or
    • Any combination of the above or
    • There may be areas where the student will not be assessed.


          6.  St. Bernadette School offers after-school tutoring and support to our international students. Students work on developing both their written and verbal English skills. They also receive help in completing assignments in other subjects such as Math, Science and Social Studies. The students have the opportunity to interact with other students from the Extended Day Program in order to build confidence with verbal expression. This interaction allows students to practice their skills with their peers in a less formal setting.
    All ESL and LEP students should possess an English dictionary in their native language to facilitate communication with the teacher, principal, support staff and classmates.

     These goals and objectives should be interpreted as guidelines and are, therefore, subject to change as a student's needs and proficiency change.  We look forward to assisting all students in achieving a successful school experience in the United States, and experience that will extend everyone's education beyond the classroom.

    Immigration Information

     International students attend St. Bernadette School on an F-1 Visa.  Once a student's family accepts an offer of attendance at St. Bernadette School and submits a tuition deposit, St. Bernadette School issues an I-20 to them.  Parents of international students should then schedule an interview with their local Consular's office.  F-1 visas enable a student to stay in the United States while attending a SEVP certified school (a school certified to issue an I-20).  Students may arrive in the United States 30 days prior to the program start date listed on the I-20 form.

    F-1 students must be enrolled full-time at a SEVP certified school. F-1 visas permit the student to remain in the United States for the duration of the program (the length of the program is specified on the I-20). An F-1 visa can be transferred to enable the student to continue onto higher education.

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