Academics at St. Bernadette

  • St. Bernadette School, established in 1997 by the Diocese of Worcester, offers a rigorous academic program to a diverse student body that includes many international students. Limited class size, a fully certified faculty, and the presence of many specialist teachers enable the school to maintain consistently high expectations of all students while ensuring individual attention. Foreign language instruction, whole language with a strong phonics component, Algebra I and project-based learning experiences enhance the curriculum.

    Leadership, respect, responsibility and commitment to faith are fostered through a variety of enrichment activities. The Parent Guild sponsors dances, food drives and other service projects. Basketball, cross country and other sports teams are coached by volunteer parents. Altar servers participate in school liturgies and celebrations. St. Bernadette School’s Extended Day program is designed to provide a safe environment with supervised homework time and activities to expand children’s horizons.

  • Religion

    Religious education initiates students into the heart and beauty of Catholic Christian teaching centered on the life of Jesus and the values of His Gospel.

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  • Literacy/Language Arts

    Literacy/Language Arts is the process through which a learner independently applies the appropriate strategies to read, write, listen, speak, and think in order to gain or communicate meaning.

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  • Social Studies

    St. Bernadette School’s Social Studies curriculum encourages students to see themselves as part of a larger community. The studies of communities evolve through the grades and include families, classrooms, cities, countries and the world.

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  • World Language

    The study of Spanish language and culture is introduced in the pre-kindergarten classes and continued through the grade levels to grade 8.

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  • Creative Arts

    Students experience opportunities to enjoy and be fulfilled by their own creativity and self-expression through a variety of interactive experiences.

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  • Technology Education

    The computer education program encompasses a comprehensive approach to developmentally appropriate technology skills.

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  • Science

    The science curriculum is designed to introduce three major content areas: specifically, physical science including physics and chemistry, earth and space science, and life science or biology.

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  • Mathematics

    Incremental development, continual review and frequent cumulative testing are the pillars of the Mathematics program that is at the core of St. Bernadette School’s mathematics curriculum.

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  • Physical Education

    The main objective of Physical Education at St. Bernadette School is for the children to understand the human body’s potential for movement in order to enjoy a lifetime of physical activity.

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