Math League

  • St. John’s High School Fall Math Invitational

     Twice a year, St. Bernadette School participates in the St. John’s High School Math Invitational, held at St. John’s High School in Shrewsbury. More than 300 students from middle schools around central Massachusetts compete for over 3 hours.  There are three individual contest sections; Algebra, Arithmetic and Geometry.  Each student has 10 minutes to finish two of the three sections.  Each section contains multiple questions with increasing difficulty.  After individual sections there are team sections.  The teams (each school constitutes a team) have 10 minutes to complete the given sections.  

    We begin preparing for each competition 6 weeks prior to a meet.  Seniors from St. John's High School come after school, once a week, to help St. Bernadette students prepare for the competitions.