Summer 2018 Reading and Math

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    St. Bernadette Summer 2018 Reading and Math


    Summer Math 

    The Summer Reading Program at St. Bernadette School is designed to engage your child in reading during the summer months.  The teachers selected books that are not only educational but interesting.  Each link represents the grade level your student will be entering in the Fall of 2018.  For example;  If your student will be entering Grade 1 in the fall, select the Grade 1 Summer Reading link.  We not only want to keep the student's minds working all summer but also to encourage them to expand their minds with different authors and stories.

     In addition to summer reading students entering grades 1-8 can maintain and fine-tune their math skills with Summer Math Skills Sharpener .  This is optional and is not required.  Click Here for more information and an order form (it's not too late!).

     New families please Click Here to download order form.

Summer Reading Lists