• St. Bernadette School Health Office Yearly Requirements

    The St. Bernadette School Health Office is committed to ensuring that its students are healthy and successful in their academic pursuits. We follow the Massachusetts Department of Public Health (MDPH) regulations for School Year 2015-2017 that require certain information to be submitted prior to starting class at St. Bernadette School.


    1. PHYSICAL EXAMINATION-A copy of the student’s physical examination (complete with medications, allergy history, medical conditions). This exam must be from within 12 months of the student start date.
    2. IMMUNIZATIONS-A copy of the student immunization record. All students must have received the (MDPH) required immunizations prior to the starting class at St. Bernadette School. Please refer to Required Vaccinations to verify that immunizations meet the current MA state requirements.
    3. INTERNATIONAL INSURANCE-All international students attending St. Bernadette School must have proof of insurance coverage while in the United States.  The school will require a photo copy of the insurance card.
    4. Authorization of Medical Treatment-This form provides authorization to the school to seek medical care for the student if they are off school premises (i.e. field trips)


    Please download the Massachusetts Health Record form to be filled out by a physician prior to attending St. Bernadette School.   For complete information regarding Healthcare in the United States, please refer to the video below.

    If you have any questions concerning these requirements, please contact the Health Office at 508-351-