• International Application Requirements and Forms

    Requirements for Initial Application and Issuance of the Form I-20

    1. Completed Registration
    2. $1500 tuition deposit
    3. An official bank Statement (in English) from student’s family’s bank.
    4. Arrangements with family/host family for living expenses.
    5. Contact Information for student’s family (address, home and cell phone numbers and email address for updating parents on students progress)
    6. Copy of a valid Passport
    7. Copy of Immunization records (in English)
    8. Completed registration packet


    Acceptance is contingent upon receiving the following;

    • A narrative describing current educational curriculum for student (in English).
    • A letter outlining the extent of students’ English and how many years they have studied English  and a Zoom interview.

     Attendance is contingent upon receiving the following;

    Download an Application to begin the process!