• International Application Requirements and Forms

    Requirements for Initial Application and Issuance of the Form I-20

    1. Completed Registration
    2. $1500 tuition deposit
    3. An official bank Statement (in English) from student’s family’s bank.
    4. Arrangements with host family for living expenses.
    5. Contact Information for student’s family (address, home and cell phone numbers and email address for updating parents on students progress)
    6. Copy of a valid Passport
    7. Copy of Immunization records (in English)
    8. Completed registration packet


    Acceptance is contingent upon receiving the following;

    • A narrative describing current educational curriculum for student (in English).
    • A letter outlining the extent of students’ English and how many years they have studied English  and a Skype® interview.

     Attendance is contingent upon receiving the following;

    Download an Application to begin the process!