Information and FAQ's

  •  Who is eligible to run?

    Boys and Girls grade 4 to 8.


    At what time do you practice?

    After school 3:15 to 4:30 pm Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.


    At what location?

    Ellsworth McAfee Park on South Street/Rt 135 in Northborough.


    Is prior experience required?

    We welcome runners of all skill levels!


    What is the difference between cross country and track?

    While both involves running they are not the same: cross country is running outdoors on natural surface like grass, gravel or a trail and focuses on running at a distance of 1.8 to 2 miles or 3 kilometers. The high school level distance is 3.1 miles or 5 kilometers so the goal is to be able to run greater distances. Track includes running different distances on an oval track as well as other field events.


    How many meets is the team competing in and where are they?

    Typically the team competes in five meets against the local area Catholic and public schools. The season ending event is an all Catholic Schools Meet where St. Bernadette teams have received trophies and medals in the past years. Top runners will also compete in the Middle School State Championships.


    How long is the season?

    We start the first Monday after Labor Day and end typically the last week in October.


    Did someone say party?

    Yes, and it’s something the team really looks forward to: The “Wrap Up the Season Pizza Party” at the end of the season where will give out awards and celebrate.


    What about transportation?

    Parents are responsible for transportation to practices and meets. If you arranged for carpools please inform us the day of practice.


    Can I just drop my child off at practice?

    NO. We need your help at practices and meets and having parents stay and volunteer can make the difference between having a good and a great time. So please stick around and if you have to leave let another parent know.


    Coaches, what are your goals for the team?

    Our goals are to integrate the athlete’s experience with the teaching of Christian values, to enhance the athlete’s knowledge of running and how it can enhance the athlete’s well being. We are promoting an attitude of respect and sportsmanship as individuals and team members.

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