Grade 6 Latin

  • Summary of Subject Content

     In the sixth grade students learn the basic sound and spelling patterns, common vocabulary and grammatical structures of the Latin language. Emphasis is placed on reading and writing activities but students will have opportunities to speak and respond to simple everyday phrases. The study of Latin and its vocabulary will enhance the student's knowledge of English as well as the ability to recognize the meanings of unknown words derived from Latin. Studying Latin will sharpen the student's understanding of the English language. Along the way students also enter the world of the Romans and, through the medium of the Latin language, learn to identify with the  “mundus romanus” as if it were the vital culture it once was. 

    Objectives and Goals 

    The goal of this program is to make the acquisition of the Latin language a natural, personalized, enjoyable, and rewarding experience. This course will change the saying that Latin is “a dead language" by presenting materials that students can easily relate to their own experiences.  


    Latin is Fun 

  • Strategies 

    By using illustrations, drawings, and cognates, students associate Latin terms and their meanings. Structural elements are presented in a straightforward manner, introducing elements one at a time." Activitates" directly follow. There are short narratives or plays that reinforce previously learned vocabulary, grammar, and expressions. To encourage students to communicate, the program provides short dialogs --- sometimes practical, sometimes humorous.  Because Latin is the source of more than 50% of all English words simple explanations demonstrate the relationship between Latin and English.


    Student daily participation is very important. There are quizzes on the various aspects of the language regularly.  There are a variety of projects throughout the year, some based on the language, some based on Roman life.