•   Mrs. Laverdure

    PK4 Team-Mrs. Laverdure & Mrs. Hanna

    The 4-year old program is a more structured learning environment from the PK3 program. The reading program, "Happily Ever After", is the introductory literacy series to the Super Kids curriculum used in Kindergarten and Grades 1 and 2.  Each unit develops reading readiness by integrating reading, writing and spelling. The Writing/Language Arts program, "Handwriting without Tears," introduces handwriting to preschoolers using readiness for writing, language and literacy and numbers and math programs. Math concepts are introduced using calendars, weather graph and activities using shapes, patterns, sequencing, counting, sorting, measuring and weights and balances. Science exploration includes the four seasons, the five senses, magnets, temperature, sink or float, shadows, magnification, planting, hibernation and life cycle. The preschool religion program, "Discovering God's World," helps each child to develop a personal relationship with God. It educates the child in every dimension developing those human resources, which provide the basis for the life of faith, a sense of trust, of freedom, self-giving, of invocation and joyful participation. The children attend morning mass once a week. Along with the core subjects students participate in Physical Education, Music, Spanish and Computer class once a week.


    • Hours of Preschool Instruction:  8:15 - 11:30 
    • How Many Days/Week? 3 day (Mon, Wed & Fri) and 5 day (Mon - Fri) programs 
    • Optional Extended Day: 11:30 - 3:00 or 11:30 - 6:00.  You can register for extended day any or all of the days your student attends preschool. 
    • Number of Teachers:  Two full time teachers at all times
  • Religion

    Sadlier, "A Faith-Development Program for Four-Year-Olds, Discovering God’s World" Lessons seek to educate the child in every dimension to develop a personal relationship with God. Lessons seek to develop those human resources which provide the basis for the life of faith, a sense of trust, of freedom, self-giving, of invocation and of joyful participation. Lessons seek to engage the child’s senses in incremental experiences of God, the gift of family, Catholic community, the Holy Scripture, sacraments and prayer. Accompanying parenting pages reinforce the home/school connections.

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  • Language Arts

    "Happily Ever After" is the preschool introductory series to the "Super Kids" reading program. The curriculum consists of ten units which introduce reading concepts, vocabulary, phonemic awareness; and print and book awareness. Each unit reviews previously taught skills and concepts and builds upon those to help form a strong foundation for success in reading. "Handwriting Without Tears", a formal program developed by an occupational therapist to develop pre-writing and writing skills for young children is used to develop handwriting skills.  "Letter of the Week" activities reinforce student understanding of these concepts.

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  • Math

    The PK4 Math curriculum includes an introduction and development of math understanding through "Touch Math", number recognition, counting, sorting, calendar concepts, introducing hundreds, tens and ones, geometric shapes, weight and measures, sequence, life cycle, beginning middle and ending, graphing, estimating, patterns and classifying, predicting and Venn Diagram

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  • Science

    The PreK4 Science focuses on weather concepts, body awareness, scientific observations, planting, life cycle, living and nonliving, colors, sink or float, magnets, five senses, hot and cold, shadows and making predictions.

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