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    The Preschool 3 Team- Ms. Arsenault and Mrs. Marinelli

    The 3-year old program stresses learning through play. The first month of school is used by the teachers to evaluate the students through observation. This enables the teachers to break the students into small groups and work on fine and gross motor skills as well as preparing students for letter recognition, phonetics and writing. The teachers are able to meet the students where they are and progress them in a fun and loving environment towards a more academically structured PK4 or PK4-5 program. The preschool religion program, "Discovering God's World", helps each child to develop a personal relationship with God. It educates the child in every dimension developing those human resources, which provide the basis for the life of faith, a sense of trust, of freedom, self-giving, of invocation and joyful participation. The children attend morning mass once a week starting in January. Along with the core subjects students will have Physical Education, Music and Spanish class once a week for the 2-day program and twice a week for the 3 and 5 day programs.


    • Hours of Preschool Instruction:  8:15 - 11:30
    • How Many Days/Week?: 2 day (Tue & Thurs), 3 day (Mon, Wed & Fri) and 5 day (Mon - Fri) programs
    • Optional Extended Day: 11:30 - 3:00 or 11:30 - 6:00.  You can register for extended day any or all of the days your student attends preschool.
    • Number of Teachers:  Two full time teachers at all times
  • Religion

    Sadlier, A Faith-Development Program for Three-Year-Olds, Discovering God’s Child Lessons are designed to introduce the children to God, discuss family and the world around them. Faith-focused activity pages offer language and listening skills practice, simple games and more

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  • Language Arts

    The three year olds are read to several times a day. Stories are read enthusiastically and the children are often encouraged to act out scenes and take part in the story being read. The children will be exposed to letters, letter sounds and forming letters. We will help the children develop strong fine motor skills to prepare them for writing through scribbling, coloring, tracing, tearing, cutting and other activities designed to improve fine motor skills.

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  • Math

    Children are exposed to numbers, counting, number matching, shapes, patterns, sorting, measuring, weighing, sequencing, and developing an understanding of how many more/less

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  • Science

    Topics explored include weather concepts, body awareness, scientific observations, planting, life cycle, living and non-living, colors, sink or float, magnets, five senses, hot and cold, shadows and making predictions.

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