Grades 6-8 Science

  • Summary of Subject Content

    The sixth grade curriculum focuses on Earth and Space Science.  Students explore the solar system, the moon and sun, rocks and minerals, and the structure of the earth.

    The seventh grade curriculum focuses on Life Science. Topics that are explored during the year include: cells, genetics, heredity, and animal science.

    The eighth grade curriculum focuses on Systems of the Human Body and an Introduction to Chemistry.  Students explore the various systems of the human body including respiratory, digestive, and skeletal to name a few. They learn to draw atoms, investigate the Periodic Table, and balance chemical equations.

    The Diocese of Worcester Catholic Schools sponsor a Diocesan Science Fair every other year.  Students also may choose to participate in the Worcester Regional Science Fair annually.

    In all grade levels, students complete STEM projects including building towers out of pipe cleaners and designing and building a popsicle stick bridge. Students also develop programming skills using SPHERO robots.   Middle School students participate in a 1:1 iPad program and use an application that codes the SPHERO to move, jump, and also turn colors. An example of a project with the SPHERO is The SPHERO Race. This race challenges students to race their SPHEROs on a track

  • Objectives and Goals

    The goal in Science, at all levels, is to inquire, investigate, explore, explain, and increase one’s scientific reasoning.


    The science curriculum is based on Discovery Education’s Science Tech Book program.  The program includes multi- media learning and assessments. Students use an Interactive Notebook as a study tool by creating various flipbooks, brochures, little books, and vocab lists containing the information they are learning.


    Students are assessed through Discovery Education online assessments, projects, labs, and written assignments

    Resources (Supplements and textbooks)

    Discovery Education Science Tech Book
    Discovery Education Website Pearson Science Units
    Science Buddies Website