Grades 6-8 ELA and Literature

  • Summary of Subject Content

    The seventh and eighth grade language arts curriculum encompasses vocabulary development, including the study of Latin and Greek roots, grammar, and writing. 

    The seventh grade literature curriculum utilizes novels that tie into the social studies curriculum and have a thematic focus of family, courage, fear, hope, and belonging.

     The eighth grade literature curriculum includes novels and plays, some of which also tie into the social studies curriculum.  The same themes of courage, fear, hope, and family are again explored.

    Objectives and Goals

    The goal of language arts and literature in seventh and eighth grade is to strengthen the foundation the students have already begun to build in grammar, vocabulary and writing.  Students will be exposed to new, classic and varied works of literature.  Further, students will begin to write analytical essays in which they explore a particular literary element and support their thesis with specific examples from the text.


  • Strategies

    Various strategies are used to engage students in learning.  Some of these include performance skits, S.O.S. (Spotlight on Strategies from Discovery Education), and cooperative learning groups.  Other highly effective activities, such as the 7-Step Vocabulary process and Write-Arounds, are used as methods for all learners in accessing the curriculum.


    Students are assessed formally and informally, before, during and at the end of each unit.  Assessments vary in form from homework, quizzes, tests and projects, to writing assignments and presentations.


     Students will use three textbooks in addition to the novels at each grade level.  The textbooks are: Voyages in English: Grammar and Writing (Loyola Press), Vocabulary Workshop (Sadlier), and Latin and Greek Roots Challenge (The Rooted Mind).