• School Cancellation, School Delays and Early Dismissal Notification Procedures

    St. Bernadette School coincides with Northborough Public Schools in weather-related cancellations.  Our school administrators receive a message from the Northborough Public Schools when there is a cancellation.  We activate our notification system, “ConnectEd,” following Northborough’s call to us.  School cancellations, delays and early dismissals will be announced on the stations listed below. St. Bernadette School also has its own notice, which shows as “St. Bernadette School” on the TV  Stations listed below. This separate notice may be used when St. Bernadette School is closing and Northborough Public Schools are remaining open. If you do not hear that Northborough schools are cancelled and/or that St. Bernadette School is cancelled, THEN THERE WILL BE SCHOOL. Be sure to look for both Northborough Public and/or St. Bernadette School when school closures/delays are posted on the TV. Please do not call the School, Pastoral Center, or the Rectory.


    Television Stations:

    Channel 4, Channel 5,Channel 7, Channel 25





     St. Bernadette School has contracted with the ConnectEd Messaging System in order to contact our parents whenever there is a change in our daily school schedule.  ConnectEd is a voice-messaging system used to contact each of our families with an announcement such as snow days, early closing, utility failures, or any other situation that would require parents to pick up their children at a time other than regular dismissal.  We have asked all parents to please list the phone number you prefer to be called by the ConnectEd Messaging System. Please take the time to listen to the message before trying to contact the school.  (Our phone system can only handle a limited number of those calls at a time.) If you have a particularly long message on your phone, there is a possibility that our message may “time-out” before it is complete.

     ConnectEd use is not restricted to emergency situations exclusively but may also be used to contact families regarding important school related events and reminders.3)