Social Studies

  • Summary of Subject Content

    The seventh grade Social Studies curriculum covers events in American History from the Colonial Era to the Civil War. Eighth grade curriculum covers events from the Civil War through the 20th Century. Our year will culminate with a trip to Washington D.C. and the 20th Century Fair.

     Objectives and Goals

     The goal of Social Studies in the middle school is to expose students to U.S. History from Colonial America to the 20th Century. The students move through the curriculum by connecting historical events of the past to current events in the present.


    Discovery Educaton Techbook


  • Strategies

    We are a Discovery Education classroom which focuses on “project-based” and “flipped” learning. Students are given many opportunities to show what they know through a variety of S.O.S. (Spotlight on Strategies) initiatives including “green screening” across America, paper slide videos, 6 word stories to name a few. Students also share weekly “current events” in order to make connections to what is being taught in the classroom.


    Students are assessed in a variety of ways including projects, writing assignments, presentations, and Discovery Education online assessments.