Did you know?

  • Presentation of Colors

    The “Colors” refers to the red, white and blue colors of our American flag and the colors of an organization’s flag. The “presentation of colors” is a ceremony that formally introduces to, and later retires these flags from, an assembly of people. It should be considered an honor to be asked to present the colors.  The color guard usually consists of two flag bearers and two honor guards, although additional honor guards may be used. The color guard receives its orders from the Sergeant-at-Arms. All participants should wear similar attire that shows appropriate respect for the flag


  • Veterans' Day Program

    Every year St. Bernadette School invites all Veterans, Parishioners, and Friends to attend a special Veterans' Day Program to honor our Veterans.

     Veterans Day Flag

    When: TBD
    Where:  St. Bernadette School, 266 Main Street, Northborough, MA in the Charbonneau Center

    The celebration begins with the Presentation of Colors by the fifth grade.  Students perform patriotic songs, offer prayers for Veterans, both living and deceased and present visiting veterans with handmade cards thanking them for their service.  Middle School students perform songs honoring each branch of the service.  

     " St. Bernadette School celebrated Veteran’s Day celebration Nov. 11. Over 80 area veterans and active military attended and each was presented with handmade cards and gifts from the students." Community Advocate November 16, 2016

     Our Military   Thank you

      Thank you for helping us honor all of those who have given so much to protect and preserve our God-given freedoms

Student Photographers: Lefty Markonidis & Nathan Nguyen

"America the Beautiful" performed by the Cedamont Kids