Grandparents' Day

Grandparents Day

    Celebrate Grandparents and Grandfriends!

    Each year, we have a special day to celebrate with grandparents. We understand that in some cases a student’s grandparents are no longer with us or perhaps live too far away to be able to come. In this case they can invite a “grandfriend”, such as a Godparent, Aunt, or Uncle. Please be assured that if your child does not have a guest attending they will not be excluded from the day. Each classroom has an activity planned that includes participation from all of the children – not just those with guests. Guests will have the chance to visit the children’s classrooms and enjoy some refreshments. Due to the overwhelming response that we have had in past years, we will be holding this over the course of 2 mornings, according to student’s last name, as follows:


    • If the student’s last name begins with A – L = TBD
    • If the student’s name begins with M – Z = TBD

    If a grandparent has multiple grandchildren in the school with different last names, then we will ask them to
    choose whichever day is more convenient for them.

    We ask that you provide us with your family name and the names & addresses of the guests that you would like to invite so that we may mail them an invitation in early October. If you submitted this information last year then you do not have to do so again this year unless an address or situation has changed.

    Submit this form to the main office.

    If you have any questions, please let us know. Thank you!
    Megan Kelleher, Director of Advancement