• Winter Snowmen

    Blizzard Bags

    Saint Bernadette School will implement Blizzard Bags for the 2019-2020 school year.  Blizzard Bags are pre-made lessons and activities that allow students to work from home in the case of a school closing.  Lessons do not have to be completed in the case of a delay. Saint Bernadette School will notify you through ConnectEd when a Blizzard Bag needs to be completed. 

    Blizzard Bags should be returned to school within one week of the announced snow day. In order for the snow day to count as a school day, all students are required to return their Blizzard Bags. This will enable us to avoid extending the school year. The work will be graded and will become part of your child's overall grade.  Failure to complete the work and turn it in in the allotted time will result in your student receiving a zero.

    It is recommended that you download, print and have the packet ready ahead of time in case of a power outage. Provided there is power and internet connectivity, teachers will be available by email from 10am-3pm on the day school is cancelled if you have any questions regarding these assignments.

    There are five days of lessons for each grade at the links below: