• Grade 5 - Curriculum Showcase

    Reading and Language Arts:  Students will have the following on display:
    Island of the Blue Dolphins slideshow project that was created in small groups, an Altoid tin "camera" book report based on the novel Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes, and a writing piece describing "The Best Part of Me".

    Math: Students have worked in groups of three to open up a Cupcake Shop. They had to calculate the pricing and ingredients for 3,600 cupcakes.To advertise their store, students created a display board which included a flyer, menu and two coming attraction cupcakes. This project encompasses all the 5th grade math skills.

    Science: Students have created a Volume City. This city includes various buildings with the calculated volume for each building. (cube, rectangular prism, and cylinder).

    Students researched an element and created an information box. This box includes the name of the element, the person that discovered it, and its description and uses.