• The Who, What, Where, When and Why of Scrip

    Who runs Scrip?

    The Shop with Scrip Coordinator for St. Bernadette School is Jamie Rame

    What is Scrip?

    •  St. Bernadette School purchases gift cards, the majority of which come from the Great Lakes Scrip Company located in Michigan, at a discount. Each retailer or restaurant offers a different rebate rate. For instance, you may know that LandsEnd gives the School $16 for every $100 purchased. Stop & Shop gives the school $5 for every $100 purchased.
    • There are two different kinds of cards: Plastic and the eCard.

    Where can you buy Scrip and when can you buy Scrip?

    • Online…go to www.shopwithscrip.com and create an account.
    • You order when it’s convenient for you. I receive your order, fill it and send it home through your youngest child’s backpack.
    • Send in a paper order form on Monday morning and I’ll fill it and send it home in the backpack.
    • Scrip office hours: Mondays from 8:30 to 11:00am you can come into the Scrip office which is inside the Parish Pastoral Center Building and buy physical gift cards.
    • If you purchase an eCard which is called ScripNow, then you can print your card at home and go shopping…no waiting for your plastic card to arrive.

    Why shop with Scrip?

    •  Its Easy
    • It Earns Money for the St. Bernadette School
    • You earn fairshare points
    • And did I mention that is soooo EASY?

    How do earn fair share points?

    For every rebate dollar you earn from a Scrip purchase, you get $1 dollar in fairshare points. So it’s dollar for dollar!

    How do you pay for your Scrip?

    Cash or check sent into the school (preferably in the manila envelope sent home that says Shop with Scrip on it) or any envelope that says “SCRIP” on it. Your child’s teacher will forward it to the Scrip office.

    Presto-Pay: if you create a Prestopay account then you can pay online. Prestopay works like Paypal. IT debits your designated bank account for your purchase. There is a $.15 fee for each purchase no matter what the dollar amount is. The real advantages of Prestopay is you never need to write a check or send in cash which can from time to time get lost in transit.

    Also when you buy a ScripNow eCard using Prestopay, you have instant access, well within minutes. If you pay buy cash/check, you need to email/text me to let me know the order needs authorization.
    If there’s something that you’d like to buy and I don’t regularly stock it, let me know and I can begin stocking it for you so you don’t have to wait to receive it!

    Questions, email or call/text me: Jamie.rame@gmail.com  or 508.397.6955