Parent Connection

  • The Parent Connection is an association that includes all current parents of St. Bernadette School students.  The Parent Connection is responsible for organizing a number of events throughout the year, as well as assisting the administration and staff with a variety of school activities. Every parent at St. Bernadette is a member of the Parent Connection, and is encouraged to support their child’s education by volunteering for one or more events.

     Some events that the Parent Connection sponsors include a Family Picnic, Golf Tournament, Student Appreciation Day, Teacher Appreciation Day, and Family Movie Night.

     The Parent Connection also provides the volunteers to help with school activities such as Morning Coffees, the Book Fair, the Christmas Show, Open House, First Communion, Field Day, Enrichment programs and Graduation.

    Room Parents, another arm of the Parent Connection, are primarily involved with activities specific to the classroom, such as holiday parties, field trips, and special class projects. 

    The Parent Connection also fulfills an important role in providing financial support for the school.  From the “SCRIP” program to organizing the magazine drive and golf tournament, the Parent Connection’s goal of raising $130,000 for the core budget involves all parents and members of our St. Bernadette Parish and School community.

     By being an active member of the Parent Connection, you can help support the goals of St. Bernadette School!