St. Bernadette School Admissions

Rep McGovern
  • What Our Parents Think?...

    "I am writing this letter in appreciation of St. Bernadette School, and all that they have done for my family.  We had a brief stay at the school, beginning when my sons were in 7th and 8th grade, but our time here was irreplaceable and transformative. The middle school teachers and the principal were determined to make certain my sons were given attention and encouragement.  The support, in conjunction with a focus on excellence in work and deed enabled both boys to find a renewed confidence in themselves and their abilities.  Staying after school was a norm and presented in a fun yet focused time to clarify and master concepts. The staffs' resumes and awards boasts of their strengths in every aspect of education. But, it is how they cherish working with the students that sets them apart, as they truly treat each person as a valued and loved member of the community. My sons were prepared for high school because of the dedication and loving devotion that the school gave them in order to let them emerge as students.  The structured, predictable environment enabled them to rise to their best selves in a loving and safe environment."

  •  St. Bernadette School begins accepting new applications on the last Sunday in January.  Applications will continue to be accepted until the classes fill.  All students applying for grades PK4 through 8 are screened using either standardized screening material (PK - K) or assessments created by our faculty from current curriculum (grades 1-8).  The screenings range in time from 30 minutes to approximately 1 hour.  

    St. Bernadette School is the largest Elementary/Middle School in the Worcester Diocese with an average enrollment of 474 students.                                                                   So Schedule a tour or request information!  See the school everyone is talking about!