Grades 6-8 Religion

  • Grade 6

    The Sixth grade Religious Studies curriculum focuses on The Old Testament from the beginning of Genesis through the prophet Isaiah. The stories of Noah, Abraham, Jacob, Joseph and Moses are given special attention in this course. Units of study include Answering God’s Call, Salvation & Deliverance, An Invitation into God’s Kingdom, The Will of God and The Promise of Everlasting Life

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  • Grade 7

    The Seventh grade Religious Studies curriculum covers the life of Jesus; primarily through the Gospel of Matthew, with references to the other Gospels. Certain non Judeo-Christian sources such as Josephus, Tacitus, Pliny the Younger and others are also referenced. Units of study include The Mystery of the Incarnation, The Meaning of The Kingdom, The Christian Life, the Paschal Mystery and the Good News of the Gospel.

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  • Grade 8

    The Eighth grade Religious Studies curriculum covers the history of the Catholic Church since the Ascension of Jesus. The course of study is designed to help students acquire familiarity with Church history and to recognize the contributions the Church has made in our society. Our units of study include The Four Marks of the Church: One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic; The Growth of Christendom; The Age of Faith and Beauty; Reason Rebellion and Reform; and Returning to the Roots of Christianity.

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