From the Athletic Director

  • The philosophy of the ATHLETIC DEPARTMENT is no different from the MISSION STATEMENT of St. Bernadette School.  Athletics is an extension of the academic day. Coaches are expected to be TEACHERS, who not only TEACH the proper techniques of their sport, but also build CHARACTER and prepare our young boys and girls to carry the values they learn into adult life.

    The teaching of SPORTSMANSHIP and CLASS is a very important part of St. Bernadette School Athletics. Student-athletes are taught to NEVER get involved in a dialogue with opposing players, coaches, fans, or game officials. They are taught to WIN WITH GRACE and accept DEFEAT WITH CLASS.  Student-athletes will play hard, but fair and clean; will learn self-discipline, sportsmanship, teamwork, persistence, and responsibility.

    Our coaching volunteers conduct themselves with dignity at all times. We expect the coach shall at all times act as a ROLE MODEL for his/her student-athletes, so that they may learn proper behavior in all types of situations.

    The athletic experience at St. Bernadette School should be an enjoyable part of our student athlete’s days with us. Our volunteer coaches work to see that everyone involved with athletics at St Bernadette School leaves with a positive feeling about themselves, their team, and the entire St. Bernadette School Athletic Program.

    Coaches, whether dealing with a student-athlete, a fellow coach, or an official would reflect the same commitment to the purposes and objectives seen in the school mission. Participation on an athletic team can be a rewarding experience!

    Coach Michael St. John

Health Requirements

    • All candidates should make sure their physical form is updated and registered in the Nurse's Office. 
    • The concussion test must be taken once per year.
    • Pre-concussion forms should be completed every session.

    All student-athletes must have a current physical examination on file in the Nurse's Office in order to tryout and participate in the athletic program. The submitted physical exams must be current (having occurred within the last 13 months)

    Concussion Form (submitted once a year)

     Pre-Participation Form (submitted before the start of each season)

    All students must complete the NFHS Concussion Course and submit the above forms before participating in sports at St. Bernadette School.